Chairman Address

Growing up together with the People’s Republic of China, China National Instruments Import & Export Group Corporation (hereinafter INSTRIMPEX) has been forging ahead and striving for excellence, always taking the country's prosperity as its responsibility. IMTRIMPEX has made outstanding achievements in importing and exporting the high-tech electromechanical products in fields of transportation, post and telecommunications, mechatronics, oil mining and geological exploration in China.

At present, INSTRIMPEX is committed to transforming from a traditional foreign trade enterprise to a domestic first-class medical device supply chain integrated service provider. INSTRIMPEX is endeavoring to innovate business model, optimize the business structure and transform the development mode to promote high-quality development based on medical devices and consumables business, trading and international operation and technical service business, and traditional service and agency business.

INTRIMPEX is looking forward to further cooperation with all friends and customers from all the walks of live to share the successful stories and experiences of value creation!

Chairman :Wang Xiao